Message to Sept. 23 participants and supporters around the world

Dear comrades and friends:

This gathering represents our only viable future. By opposing hate with love, apathy with social conscience, ignorance with intelligence, inertia with action, isolation with friendship and hypocrisy with honesty, you represent the real values of your people, which refuse to die under brutal attack by the forces of greed, arrogance, and selfishness. Only by nurturing and multiplying your courage and sensibility will American people be able to avert the ruinous destiny imposed on them by the elite which runs, for its own benefits, their lives.

Today you resort to those virtues of love, social conscience, intelligence, action, friendship, honesty, courage, and sensibility to make us depositories of your solidarity, and your support overwhelms and honors us. We all know very well—as does the cruel enemy who unleashes all his vileness on us—that this case has nothing to do with justice or legality. We are being punished because we represent the people of Cuba, and by keeping our spirits intact we remind them of the reasons why they haven't been able to break, with all their might and viciousness, the spirit of the Cuban people.

On that absurd and failed policy of aggression, those criminals and terrorists we were keeping an eye on have been and still are a vital and useful element. The protection they enjoy today is an accusation to the United States government, and says everything about the true nature of the so-called "war on terror." The streets that today see this gathering have been witnesses to some of their crimes, and some of the official buildings in these surroundings have been the scene of infamous acts of conspiracy, corruption and criminal endeavor where terrorists and U.S. officials have acted in unison.

We are well aware that none of them represents the essence nor the soul of the American people, and so the people of these country were never a concern to us, as they were never the focus of our mission. We are proud of having been able to serve the bests interests of the peoples of both our countries, and the betrayal to Americans by those who were supposed to represent them won't relieve us of our feelings of accomplishment and pride.

No amount of perfidy, punishment, and rancor will plunge us into hate, dismay, or resentment. They can pick on our families. They can deny justice to us. They can feed our just anger by protecting the terrorists who have victimized so many of our people. They can make a mockery of their own judicial system one step at a time. But they will never be able to change the righteousness of our cause—the source of our moral strength and determination.

We are proud to share that cause with you, a cause which goes well beyond this legal case and trial. Together we are going to make that cause prevail and, when it happens, our two peoples will live side-by-side in peace, friendship, and understanding.

With deep gratitude and appreciation,

René González Sehwerert

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